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The Pothole Man is now offering Tru Tack by the Case! Call us to learn more about this remarkable product.

Water-Activated & Durable

Des Moines residents were facing a tremendous amount of potholes that the Des Moines Department of Transportation could not fix with regular patching methods.  Luckily, Aquaphalt®'s water-activated mixture turns the normal patching biggest weakness into its greatest strength.

The Pothole Man 3D Estimator technology is fixing potholes across America

Jackson, MS – February 26, 2021 – The Pothole Man is fixing potholes across the United States using Aquaphalt®, voted #1 by Consumer Reports, in conjunction with its new The Pothole Man 3D Estimator technology that photographs, measures, and stores 3D images and the GPS locations of potholes on a Microsoft tablet. The proprietary software helps estimate the amount of product needed for a job and provides immediate ability for ordering and invoicing. Licensed contractors who join the Pothole Man team will receive a Microsoft tablet and access to the software, as well as support from The Pothole Man marketing and sales teams.

Opportunities for Licensed Contractors
As a Pothole Man, or Pothole Woman, licensed contractors who join The Pothole Man Team have everything needed to build a new business from scratch or to supplement their current business's revenue stream. Go to to sign up.


An initial investment for The Pothole Man PACKAGE gets you all the benefits listed here:

  • Order freshly-produced Aquaphalt® directly from your licensed contractor Log-In on

  • The Pothole Man website or your PHM tablet

  • Microsoft® Surface Go 2 tablet with a full license of our 3D pothole volume software package

  • Loyalty discounts on Aquaphalt® that increase as you purchase

  • Special Pothole Woman logo created for our women team members to use

  •  Backed by The Pothole Man marketing and sales teams

  • The Pothole Man 3D Estimator Technology

  • The Pothole Man offers licensed contractors a unique opportunity to provide cutting-edge, turn-key service, using its 3D Estimator technology and the best water-activated, cold patch product available.

  • “Our Pothole Man 3D Estimator provides added-value for all stakeholders involved, including the contractor who can return to the exact location of the job using the GPS coordinates, and the client receives transparency, ensuring quality on every job by seeing the before, the prepared surface, and the after photos,” says Rigdon Fair, Director of Sales and Founder, The Pothole Man.

  • Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to our Pothole Man 3D Estimator software.

  • Take a 3D photo of a pothole or potholes with The Pothole Man Microsoft® Surface Go 2 tablet provided to team members.

  • The length, width and volume of the pothole is calculated and visually mapped.

  • The software produces a 3D image of the pothole(s) giving the contractor a more accurate read to calculate the amount of Aquaphalt® needed to do the job.

  • The licensed contractor can order Aquaphalt® directly from the tablet.

  • A gallery of images, measurements and GPS coordinates are stored for easy reference.

Why Only Aquaphalt®?
The Pothole Man uses Aquaphalt® exclusively because it is a revolutionary, permanent asphalt and concrete repair material, used by Departments of Transportation in 39 states for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, runways, roadways, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair.
Used successfully in Europe as a proven product for decades, Aquaphalt® is now available in the United States and used by NASCAR, US airports and the transportation industry. Aquaphalt®, voted #1 by Consumer Reports, is a pre-mixed, permanent, water-activated, cold patch that is laid directly from its container. Simply pour Aquaphalt® into the area to be repaired, level with a rake or trowel, add water and tamp down. It cures quickly and can be driven on immediately, so there is no need to mobilize large crews and equipment, minimizing roadway disruption. In addition, Aquaphalt® can be installed in below freezing, wet, or extreme hot weather conditions. Aquaphalt®’s eco-friendly, proprietary “green” binder reacts and hardens with only water, unlike other asphalt patching products containing toxic petroleum-based products.
The Pothole Man believes in this product so much, it owns an Aquaphalt® distributorship making it quick and easy-to ship, fresh product, ensuring a one-year shelf life and never-expired product. Shipping directly from the manufacturer also creates cost savings for the contractor and customers. And Aquaphalt® is backed by a 3-year warranty.

The Pothole Man is a cutting-edge, turnkey, start-up business, making the world a better place, one pothole at a time.
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